What’s New

October 2020

Update 16/10 – The Semaphore book is on schedule to be collected from the printer on Tuesday. The Dynon book is finished and the files will be delivered to the printer on Tuesday. We still plan to release both books at the end of this month.

The Transition Years book is at the proofreading stage and is on track to be ready at the end of November.

We have placed a new price list on the price list page.

Update 11/10 – The Semaphore book is now at the printer. The Dynon is finished and is currently being proof read. We plan to release both books at the end of this month.

Work has started again on the Transition Years book. Hopefully it will be ready for an end of November release.

Update 2/10 – The Semaphore book is currently being proof read and we hope to get it to the printer by the end of next week. Work is progressing on the Dynon book.

Additional photographs have been added to the Image Gallery on the Flying Scotsman page.

September 2020

Update 29/9 – The Semaphore book is now finished and we are getting it ready for proof reading. We will be starting on the Dynon book in the next few days.

Looking back over the past year it has been an interesting time with Covid-19 completely changing our lifestyles. One project we were involved in earlier in the year was the Morris Registers National Rally and apart from being on the organising committee we produced the rally book. The rally had to be cancelled but the book was still printed and distributed to entrants as a souvenir of what could have been. Hope fully we will have a much better 2021.

Update 19/9 – The Semaphore book is well advanced and should be finished by the end of next week. Then we will work on the Dynon book. We are on track to start working on The Transition Years book next month. All three should be released by the end on November.

Update 13/9 – The Truro book was either delivered or posted last week.

Update to the ‘Price List’ page. A new price list effective 1st October 2020 has been added.

Work is progressing well on the Stations Remembered – Semaphore & Exeter book. The plan is to have it finished by the end of the month. Planning for the Dynon book is complete and the images just need to be culled before being placed.

We now have the new chapters for The Transition Years book and hope to start working on it again early next month.

Update 9/9 – Updates to the ‘Book List’ page.

The Truro book has been printed and will be released this week as planned. For those trade customers with standing orders they will be posted or delivered on Thursday (10th). We have another private publication that has been completed and is also at the printer.

Nothing new to report on the Transition Years book but the next two titles are well advanced and we plan to release both of them at the end of October. We have attached the covers but please note they are work in progress and may change before they go to the printer. The Dynon book was a last minute inclusion and is a bit of an experiment as it is a pictorial with a very specific subject. You may also note it doesn’t carry a Mini Profile Number. The reason being it is easier for us as we seemed to be constantly renumbering as book priorities changed.

Update 1/9 – The Truro book artwork was delivered to the printer on 24th August.  We plan to release it around the 11th of this month. The Semaphore book is well into production.

August 2020

Update 18/8 – Updates to the ‘Book List’ page.

Update 16/8 – The Truro book is now finished and is at the proof reading stage. We need to replace a couple of photographs and will do that in the next week or so. After positive comments about the cover of the Truro book we are not going to change the photograph.

There has been no progress with the Transition Years book, likewise with the new Peterborough book. However, we have started work on the next Stations Remembered book – Semaphore and Exeter. Also preliminary work on the one to follow – Halbury, Hoyelton and Blyth.

Update 9/8 – We are making progress with the Truro book and are not far away from completing it. One of the delays has been with research as we have received contradictory information and have had to spend extra time trying to sort it out. We have attached the work in progress front cover. Its not the final version but we are getting close.

July 2020

Update 15/7 – Most of our regular retail customers now have stock of the Pichi Richi Railway book.

We are still working on the Truro book and have also started on the Semaphore and Exeter book. However, there has been no further progress on The Transition Years, which means we are unable to give a release date. At this stage it looks like the Truro book will jump the queue and be the next one to be printed.

The new Peterborough book is still at the planning stage.

June 2020

Update 3/6 – Since our last update we can add another retail outlet as a stockist of the Pichi Richi Railway book:

Meg’s Bookshop, Port Pirie SA

We are progressing with the Truro book, but cannot give a release date at this stage. Hopefully it will be within the next two months.

May 2020

Update 29/5 – Earlier in the week we started on another Stations Remembered book. It was a toss up between Truro and the Semaphore Line as to which one was next. We ended up choosing Truro, for no other reason than some of the research had already been done. It will cover the stations at Truro, Stockwell and Plush’s Corner, plus a couple of stopping places and for completeness we will mention the Penrice Quarry line. Space permitting we were going to include Angaston, which would have meant we will have the covered all the railway lines radiating from Nuriootpa, but this is unlikely due to lack of space. Featuring Angaston with Nuriootpa would be just about a book on its own.

22/5 –We have been busy with other projects but have made some progress on The Transition Years book. The other private publication is complete, apart from finishing the index.

We hadn’t really decided on which book will be next but we were thinking of another Mini Profile before starting on an updated Peterborough book. However, there was such a good response to our first Stations Remembered book we may slot in another one in this series first.

Since our last update we can add another retail outlet as a stockist of the Pichi Richi Railway book:

National Railway Museum Bookshop, Port Adelaide SA

Although the museum is still closed the bookshop is now open 3 days a week (22/5/20) from 11am until 3pm.

To all of our customers and friends we hope you stay safe and well.

April 2020

We are already into another month of lockdowns and we hope you are managing to cope with the restrictions, but more importantly that you are all safe and well.

On the book front we recently completed another private publication and we are now going back to work on The Transition Years. As we will be adding some new text and earlier allotments lists it may take a while to completed it.

While most of our customers with shop fronts are closed there are still a few that are trading that have a mail order service. The following have stock of the new Pichi Richi book. Please support them if you can.

Alco World, Ingleburn NSW

Junction Models, Gepps Cross SA

Orient Express, Unley SA

Train World, Brighton Vic

March 2020

Update 29/3 – We have placed an updated price list on our website – effective 1st April 2020.

Update 26/3 – As a lot of our customers have had to close their doors due to the virus we have included below those who are still trading, and will be stocking our new release. They have a mail order service.

Alco World, Ingleburn NSW

Junction Models, Gepps Cross SA

Orient Express, Unley SA

Please Note: Some may not jet have received their stock.

Update 25/3 – With the COVID-19 virus now affecting normal everyday life we hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and staying safe. Its going to be hard times for most and we certainly thank all of the medical people and carers for being at the front line.

We are aware that some of our customers have already had to temporarily close down and our thoughts are with you. Those  relying on mail order will no doubt continue as more people spend time at home. As we do not have a shop front we will continue trading through this crises. While post offices remain open and we have a supply of pre paid satchels we will continue supplying orders.

Update 24/3 – New title in stock and available from today: 0217 Pichi Richi Railway – A Brief History & Guide. Recommended retail price: $10.00.

Our next title (0217 Pichi Richi Railway – A Brief History & Guide) is currently at the printers and will be released later this month.

One of our next titles (0218 The Transition Years – Allotment lists covering the final years of NSWGR steam) will be produced at little later than originally planned. The reason is that it is being expanded to also look at some allotments lists for earlier years. Thereby making it an even better reference source.

We have just about finished the other book we were working on, which means we will soon be able to get back to our own titles again.

February 2020

Our next two Railmac titles will be:

0217 Pichi Richi Railway – A Brief History & Guide (A5 32pp plus cover rrp:$10.00)

0218 The Transition Years – Allotment lists covering the final years of NSWGR steam.

The Pichi Richi Railway book gives a brief history of the line and the Society, details of the train journey into the Pichi Richi Pass and then details and illustrations of the locomotives and carriages you are likely to see on the railway. It should make a great reference guide.

The Transition Years is a revised and enlarged edition of one of our early titles. The original has been out of print for a number of years and we don’t normally reprint old titles but due to numerous requests and support from Alco World we are producing this new edition. The finished product will be an interesting comparison as the original was printed with typed sheets of paper, cut to the size of the text, manually pasted on a board, then photographed to produce a negative film, followed by the plates ready for printing.

The first of our new books for this year is now complete and is at the proofing stage. The next book we are working on is not one of ours, but it will be followed by another one of our titles. Hopefully all three will be printed before Easter. We will provide more details shortly.

January 2020

A rather belated Happy New Year to all.

After a rather quiet 2019 for book publishing we have already been busy this year. We have four books to produce before Easter although one is not a Railmac title. Two books are well underway and we hope to have them finished shortly. The Mini Profile we started late last year is now being produced as a stand alone title. We will provide more details over the next week.

December 2019

We are well into the next book in the Mini Profile series and hope to get it to the printer after the Christmas break. Meanwhile we would like to wish everyone the compliments of the season.

October/November 2019

The first Stations Remembered book was well received but other commitments have prevented us from working on further titles. Hopefully we should be back into publishing again in the next month or so.

September 2019

Update 29/9 – We have updated our price list and the new list can be found on the Price List page. We have reverted to splitting the railway books into states again and have separated non rail titles into their own category.

Stations Remembered – Bowmans, Balaklava & Owen is now in stock and will be released on 1st October.

Update 15/9 – The first Stations Remembered book is now at the printer and will hopefully be released at the end of the month.

August 2019

Update 18/8 – We have completed the first Stations Remembered book (Bowmans, Balaklava & Owen) and it is currently at the proofreading stage. Hopefully it will be at the printers by the end of this month.

The next title will be in the Mini Profile series after all as we have to slot in a new Pichi Richi Railway book. This one is a brief history with details of operational rolling stock.

9/8. Work is progressing on the first book in our new Stations Remembered series, but we have had to make a number of format changes.

Our original plan for the series was to provide a pictorial record of some of the stations we have lost over the past 50 years. More of a nostalgic look at the infrastructure that we once had rather than a comprehensive historical survey. However, as we progressed with the production of the first book we decided to include a few historical notes, some tabulated data and the occasional ‘then and now’ photograph. As we progressed even further we thought a brief note about some of the stations we hadn’t photographed would complete the picture. By doing this we could eventually cover all the former SAR stations.

What we haven’t even attempted to include are train timetables, loadings and train working as this would be a book in itself.

Although these books are the same size as our Mini Profiles we haven’t included them in that series as they will be in a different format. Like the Ballarat Mini Profiles we started out thinking we could get the initial group of stations into one book, but it was not the case. Even with the very basic details we are providing we didn’t have enough room and have already split the first book. However, by doing this we are now including smaller stations or stopping places to enable us to cover a complete section of track in one book.

The first Stations Remembered book will cover stations between Bowmans and Owen; Bowmans, Saints, Balaklava, Ridgway, Woods and Owen. We have provided an updated cover below.

We have also introduced a new page to our website, this time looking at Model Railways.

July 2019

Update 7/7 – The work in progress cover is attached for the first of our Stations Remembered books, but please note the photograph may change before it goes to print. Stations covered include Bowmans, Saints (just a mention and one photo), Balaklava, Halbury, Owen, Truro, Stockwell and Plush’s Corner. Although the front cover photograph and some inside contain a train the emphasis will be on infrastructure, rather than just trains.

We have been making slow progress with our next book but hope to have a cover ready soon. It will be the first of our Stations Remembered series and will cover the stations at Bowmans, Saints, Balaklava, Halbury, Owen, Truro, Stockwell and Plush’s Corner.

We have added another page to our website – Book Covers. Eventually this will contain an image of every book published in the Railmac range. This will compliment our Book List page. It is still a work in progress as we have only completed a few pages to date.

Our Gallery pages have had additional images added and they have now reached the 500 mark. We have also added some additional new page headers our website.

May/June 2019

Update 31/5 – We had added a few more images to our website, which brings the number of images in our Gallery pages to around 480. With the scanning of our own negatives and transparencies we have reached the 50,000 mark but are still not quite half way. We will now have a break from scanning and start working on the next Mini Profile.

April/May 2019

We had just updated our price list page. We have been busy scanning and cataloguing negatives and transparencies but will be starting on the next Mini Profile shortly.

March/April 2019

We had originally intended to go to Maitland Steamfest again this year but as our plans have changed we are delaying  Rails around East Greta Junction until next year. We will be slotting in another title and we will provide details soon.

We have also added another 25 photographs to our Gallery pages.

February 2019

Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) was released in Australia on Tuesday 26th February.

January/February 2019

Happy New Year! February came around very quick and we are now looking at new titles again.

Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) is now at the printers but we do not envisage it being released until early next month.

December 2018

We have decided to leave the release of the  Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) until early next year. We are still working on other titles but will have a break over the festive season.

November 2018

The  Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) book is still at the proofing stage.

Although we have been working on other projects some preliminary work has been undertaken on Rails around East Greta Junction and also Rails around Port Waratah.  We have decided to produce another railway book next rather than a bus book as it would have given us two non railway titles in a row. The bus book can be produced any time at short notice.

October 2018

Both Ballarat books were released on 7th October, together with The Lakes Railway book for the Milang Railway Museum. The  Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) book is still at the proofing stage.

We have also added about 40 new images to our gallery pages.

September 2018

Update 28/9 – Both Ballarat books are at the printer and should be ready early in October. The Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) book has been completed and is at the proofing stage.

9/9 – The first Ballarat book is complete and with the printer. The second book is also complete and at final proofing stage. A release date for both hasn’t been finalised yet but it is most likely to be in early October.

We have started working on the Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary) book which is planned for release later this year. The following title should be Rails around East Greta Junction but we may slip in a bus book instead. We have unpublished manuscripts from the late Robert Birrell and may use one of these in the Mini Profile format.

In early 2019 we are considering producing another book about Peterborough, replacing the current Peterborough – a railway town (which will soon be out of print). It will be in the larger format and not in the Mini Profile series.

August 2018

The first Ballarat book is completed and at final proofing stage before going to the printer. The second Ballarat book is still under production, but shouldn’t be too far behind it.

June/July 2018

Update 23/7 – We have finally been able to spend some time on the Ballarat book, in between our other projects.  Although the book is only a pictorial it has become evident that we cannot squeeze all the information into one book, without leaving out some interesting subjects. We have now split the contents into two books; Rails around Ballarat – Buildings & Infrastructure and Rails around Ballarat – Locomotives and Rolling Stock. This has meant a renumbering of the Mini Profiles currently in production.

Mini Profile 18 – Rails around Ballarat – Buildings & Infrastructure
Mini Profile 19 – Rails around Ballarat – Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Rails around East Greta Junction
Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary)

The two Ballarat books will be released at the same time.

We have still been working on other projects and have done very little work on Rails around Ballarat. In mid June we did visit Ballarat to take a couple of present day photos for the book, but the end of July release is now looking very unlikely. We are actually running so late we may have to bring the Morris Oxford book forward as it needs to be finished well before the end of the year. There is no deadline for Rails around East Greta Junction.

May 2018

We have recently added a few more images to our Gallery pages and there are now around 450 in total.

As our other projects have taken up most of out time we haven’t done any more work on Rails around Ballarat recently. All being well we do plan to finish the book by late July. The cover has not yet been finalised but we have attached a ‘work in progress’ copy. We’ll keep you informed of progress.

March/April 2018

Amongst our other projects we are still working on Rails around Ballarat. Although we originally envisaged the coverage of this book would include nearby stations such as Ballan, Beaufort, Creswick and Lal Lal the amount of material available for just the city and immediate surrounds have caused a rethink. We were also going to include Ballarat’s trams but, together with the nearby stations, they have now all been put aside for future publications instead.

February 2018

We have been concentrating on other projects during the month but have spent a little time working on Rails around Ballarat. We do not envisage any new book releases until the middle of the year, again due to our other commitments. However, the following are scheduled for production sometime during the year:

Mini Profile 18 – Rails around Ballarat
Mini Profile 19 – Rails around East Greta Junction
Mini Profile 20 – Morris Oxford Series MO (70th Anniversary)

January 2018

As we have already had some orders for Rails around Yass we are releasing it now, rather than wait for the next book to be ready.