Model Railways

On this page we plan to cover model railways, not so much a ‘how to’ page but just a look at various layouts and some individual models. The high standard of modelling nowadays is enhanced with DCC and loco sound, something only dreamt of not that many years ago. There are superb layouts all around the world and they are a credit to the modellers who created them.

We will not be confining this page to one scale, although our own preference is for 3mm (or TT gauge as it was commonly referred to). We will start a little more modestly by taking a look at a few models that were available from the 1960s.

T91 – Triang’s TT gauge model of 4082 Windsor Castle was very popular. It was also available as 5011 Tintagel Castle and later had open spoked wheels.

To extend the TT range companies like Gem, Bec and K’s made white metal kits to fit on Triang chassis. Although not very sophisticated by modern standards they did enable more variety to be added to the layouts of the time. In recent years some kits have been reissued containing a little more detail and historical accuracy. This original Bec body of a British Railways class 5 4-6-0 is fitted to the Triang Brittania chassis. It awaits restoration, which will include paint stripping, repainting, renumbering, rewheeling bogie wheels and some detailing.

(SM 20-10-0665) A weathered and renumbered Triang TT Jinty tank.

(SM 20-10-0679) Two of the well detailed Kitmaster TT3 carriages.