In late August 2017 the Pichi Richi Railway’s newly restored Yx underwent tests into the pass. Loading consisted of a water tank, NT76, livestock vans, Y class open wagon and a bogie brakevan. The following selection of photographs illustrate the trip undertaken on Tuesday 29th August, and they show the train from near the Dairy Crossing (just out of Quorn) to Woolshed Flat and return as far as Willows Halt.

(SM 17-8-5986)

(SM 17-8-5997)

(SM 17-8-6002)

(SM 17-8-5457)

(SM 17-8-6018)

(SM 17-8-5485)

(SM 17-8-6024)

(SM 17-8-6038)

(SM 17-8-6041)

(SM 17-8-6046)

(SM 17-8-6053)

(SM 17-8-6071)

(SM 17-8-6080)

(SM 17-8-6091)

(SM 17-8-6105)

(SM 17-8-6111)

(SM 17-8-6123)

(SM 17-8-6127)

(SM 17-8-6131)

(SM 17-8-6150)