Goldfields Railway

(SM 18-10-9262) J549 at Castlemaine in October 2018

(SM 18-6-5632) J549 crossing Maclise Street, Castlemaine, 16th June 2018

(SM 18-6-5630) J549 leaving Castlemaine, 16th June 2018

(SM 17-10-7366) K190 on Sawmill Road trestle bridge while working on the Victorian Goldfields Railway, 8th October 2017

(SM 14-9-6774) J549 arriving at Maldon (Vic), September 2014

(SM 16-6-2084) K153 near Maldon, 26th June 2016

(SM 16-6-2098) K153 about to proceed to the depot at Maldon to take on water and be turned ready for the next trip to Castlemaine, 26th June 2016

(SM 14-3-9457) Y133 arriving at Castlemaine, 10th March 2014