Railway Loco Sheds

(SM 18-4-3802) Cowra roundhouse today, 17th April 2018

(SM 94-0442) Casino (NSW) semi roundhouse showing the wooden coaling tower behind it in April 1994

(SM 65-0016) The small wooden single lane loco shed at Frome, 11th June 1965

(SM 16-6-1937) Bendigo Roundhouse, 25th June 2016

(SM 97-1047) The derelict Grangemouth engine shed photographed in October 1997




(SM 97-8834) What used to be the engine shed on the narrow gauge railway at Port Penrhyn (North Wales), October 1997

(SM 97-1746) Aviemore engine shed in October 1997. It was built by the Highland Railway in 1898