Railways (2016 +)

(SM 18-4-3513) D6349 at Windsor, 16th April 2018

(SM 18-3-1417) NR4, NR87, 8117 at Belair with train 7PM5, 27th March 2018

(SM 18-4-2308) Graincorp’s 48201, 48207 and 48212 in Junee roundhouse, 12th April 2018

(SM 18-4-2879) TT110, 9213, 9212 with a loaded coal train at Allandale, 14th April 2018

(SM 18-4-3369) EL60, EL57 arriving at Maitland with an empty coal train for Pelton, 15th April 2018

(SM 18-4-3654) 8218, 8229 with a coal train stabled at Lithgow, 16th April 2018

(SM 18-4-2401) C505 on a grain train at Cootamundra, 12th April 2018

(SM 18-4-2357) An Albury bound XPT in a dust storm near Junee in April 2018

(SM 18-4-3899) 4910, 4911, 1201 with a grain train during loading at Goolgowi, 17th April 2018

(SM 18-4-2426) A Sydney bound XPT leaving Yass Junction in April 2018

(SM 18-4-3669) 48s36 stabled at Eskbank (Lithgow) in between per-way duties, 16th April 2018

(SM 18-4-2159) Manildra’s 7340 shunting at Narrandera, 12th April 2018

(SM 17-10-0354) A selection of diesel locos on display as part of the Trans Australia Railway Centenary celebrations at Port Augusta, 22nd October 2017

(SM 17-10-7434) G523 at Dimboola, 8th October 2017

(SM 17-10-7468) BL26, T392 and T371 stabled at Dimboola, 8th October 2017

(SM 17-9-7984) 8254 in Spencer Junction yard, Port Augusta, 30th September 2017

(SM 17-9-7992) GM43, GM37 in Spencer Junction yard, Port Augusta, 30th September 2017

(SM 16-6-1309) NR57 with a Melbourne bound Overland at Horsham, 27th June 2016

(SM 16-6-1992) N472 with a Swan Hill to Melbourne passenger train departing Bendigo, 25th June 2016

(SM 16-6-1872) NR44 with a Melbourne bound Overland at Kaniva, 24th June 2016

(SM 16-6-1995) Two three car VLocity railcar sets at Bendigo, 25th June 2016

(SM 17-5-2234) Narrow gauge railway taking tourists around the Moonta Mines (SA), May 2017

(SM 16-9-9476) Jumbo trailer car 2101 enroute to Sims Metal for scrapping, June 2016.