AC 2-litre Saloon Restoration

The following images show the restoration of a 1949 AC 2-litre saloon, from collection of parts to its completion. As this is a new page images are still being added to complete the story to date. The restoration is still underway.

(SM 10-2-0854) February 2010 and the task ahead! The car, plus numerous parts from different cars, were stored in a container and all had to be transported to Elizabeth before the restoration could start

(SM 10-2-0949) The aluminium engine block for the car, needing welding work around the head studs in particular, February 2010

(SM 10-5-4488) The chassis loaded on a trailer ready to be taken away for sandblasting, 8th May 2010

(SM 10-5-4616) After sandblasting and etch priming the chassis was ready for painting, 13th May 2010

(SM 10-9-7865) Front wheel brake cylinders after being reconditioned. Also showing spare new rubber cups and bleed nipples, 16th September 2010

(SM 10-12-1135) EL1203, the donor car for the body shell, door skins, boot lid and rear mudguards. Its chassis was badly corroded due to the use of salt on the roads in the UK and was not salvageable, December 2010

(SM 11-7-8164) The reconditioned 2-litre engine fitted in the chassis in July 2011

(SM 12-1-8715) Old and new (one is a spare) aluminium plate between the boot and spare wheel door, January 2012

(SM 12-1-8797) Engine fittings connected and ready to test, January 2012

(SM 12-1-9976) Rolling chassis waiting for collection after having a new exhaust system fitted, January 2012

(SM 12-1-0014) Rolling chassis with engine in place, January 2012

(SM 12-1-9996) The radiator and restored 2-litre engine in the rolling chassis in January 2012

(SM 12-2-0853) Original and newly made aluminium panels to go below and to either side of the dash, February 2012

(SM 12-7-3899) Original (damaged) bulkhead and a good one from EL810, July 2012. The one to be fitted to the car will be a combination of the two plus a new lower centre section

(SM 12-9-7419) Window winder mechanisms, September 2012

(SM 12-11-9377) Two supports from the donor car that strengthen the pillar with the door lock, November 2012. Photographs show as removed, bead blasted and etch primed, and then painted

(SM 12-11-2012) Original brake pedal shaft with the linkages that activate both the front hydraulic brakes and rear rod/cable brakes, November 2012

(SM 17-8-5675) Petrol tank test fitted to its cradle, August 2012

(SM 17-8-5892) The mdf patterns for the boot area were made using Ian Strange’s drawings, 23rd August 2017

(SM 17-8-5894) The petrol tank and cradle were then test fitted to the mdf patterns to rectify any problems before the actual panels were cut from marine ply, 23rd August 2017

(SM 17-8-5921) Petrol tank and boot (mdf templates) test fitted to chassis, August 2017

(SM 17-8-5924) Another view of the mdf boot template test fitted, August 2017

(SM 17-9-6527) Test fitting of the body shell (ex EL1203), engine bay sides and bonnets to the new templates to check their fit, 13th September 2017

(SM 17-9-6523) Rear view of the test fit of the body and other fittings to the chassis and mdf templates, 13th September 2017