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Railmac Publications initially specialised in publishing transport related books, but we later added postcards and mounted prints to our range. During our first forty plus years we concentrated on railway, tramway, paddleship, buses, trolleybuses and car subjects.

Railmac still produces mainly transport related books.

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In addition to our own range of books we have produced numerous publications on behalf of other authors, historians and museums. A few we helped distribute but they are not included in our own book list.

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About us

Railmac Publications was established in late 1980/early 1981 to publish small inexpensive reference books dealing with specific transport subjects which would appeal not only to the dedicated enthusiast but to the general public as well.

The first Railmac title (Silverton Tramway Locomotives) was published in February 1981 and proved an immediate success. Further small publications followed in what became know as the ʻLocomotive’ series.

Since these first publications some technical refinements have been made, the subject range has been expanded and during the first decade ninety three titles were released.

Other items such as postcards, notebooks, Christmas cards, and mounted prints have been added to the Railmac range over the years. However, one thing that has remained constant is that all Railmac products are wholly designed and printed in Australia.

In 2015 the ‘Mini Profile’ range of small A5 size books was introduced and they continue to be produced today. This series covers any topic, from railways to tramways, buses and trolleybuses, cars and the Clipper Ship City of Adelaide. We pack a lot of information into a small publication!

Some changes to the structure of Railmac were made in 2016. On 31st December 2015 we ceased our print consultancy work. However, we have retained the book publishing side of the business as a hobby and will continue producing new titles indefinitely.

In 2019 we introduced another new range of small A5 size books and they became our ‘Stations Remembered’ series. These publications look at some of the railway stations that we have lost and those that survive but are not used for their original purpose.  The content is arranged in order over various sections of railway lines and as an example our first title covered Bowmans, Balaklava & Owen, while one of the more recent ones was Blyth & Brinkworth.  While they are not a complete history of each station they have enough information to be used as a basis for further research for much larger and more detailed books.