(SM 18-12-0182) Ganmain Hotel (NSW), December 2018

(SM 97-1317) Lochalsh Hotel at Kyle of Lochalsh, with the bridge to Skye in the background, October 1997

(SM 83-3358) Cobden Hotel at Capel Curig in Wales, 26th September 1983.

(SM 83-2327) The Seymour Arms at East Knoyle, Wiltshire, 1st October 1983

(SM 97-1233) Titfield Thunderbolt Hotel, near Bath, Somerset, 6th October 1997

(SM 14-11-8766) St Peter’s Anglican Church, Williamstown (SA), November 2014

(SM 14-9-7595) Capri Theatre, Goodwood Road, Goodwood (SA), September 2014

(SM 9-11-6169) Daylesford Post Office (Vic), November 2009

(SM 11-11-4965) The former Technical College building which is now being used as council offices and forms part of the Station Domain at Maryborough (Vic), November 2011

(SM 10-11-9323) Fire Station, Beaufort (Vic), November 2010

(SM 14-6-3095) Post Office, Quorn (SA), June 2014

(SM) 7-9-2423) Lucas Hotel at Latrobe (Tas), 25th September 2007

(SM 12-12-1363) Casterton Town Hall (Vic), December 2012

(SM 14-6-3729) Former James Martin & Co Phoenix Foundry at Gawler (SA), now a Shopping Centre, June 2014

(SM 14-4-1259) Town Hall and Council Offices, Forbes (NSW), April 2014