Railways (1960-1979)

(SM 70-1319) 3325 awaiting its fate at Enfield loco depot, 21st December 1970

(SM 65-0116) E3023 arriving at Crewe station with an express for Euston, 31st July 1965

(SM 65-0089) J36 class 0-6-0 No. 65234 relegated to stationary boiler duties at St Margarets loco shed, Edinburgh, 5th August 1965

(SM 71-2102) 3075 ‘on shed’ at Griffith in between shunting duties, 13th March 1971

(SM 65-0002) Rebuilt West Country pacific 34021 Dartmoor photographed on a rainy day at Southampton Central, 20th March 1965

(SM 64-0508) Merchant Navy No. 35006 Peninsular & Orient S.N. Co. in one of the storage sidings at Westbury loco shed while enroute to the scrapyard, 31st December 1964

(SM 65-0018) Pannier tank 3735 shunting Frome South goods yard a short time before this duty was taken over by diesels, 11th June 1965

(SM 71-2109) 5274 shunting at Goulburn, 17th March 1971

(SM 65-0159) Closed to passengers in 1961 the former Midland and South Western Junction Railway station at Cirencester Watermoor was derelict when photographed on 27th July 1965