Flying Scotsman

(SM 89-4313) 4472 Flying Scotsman passing Oulnina (SA) enroute to Alice Springs in August 1989

(SM 89-3978) 4472, R761 and R707 parallel running at Dysart (Vic) in August 1989

(SM 89-6901) 4472 passing Ucolta (SA) enroute to Alice Springs

(SM 89-8062) 4472 Flying Scotsman at Peterborough (SA) while en-route to Perth during its Australian tour, 11th September 1989

(SM 89-3320) 4472 in and R761 in action at Beveridge, August 1989

(SM 89-3979) J515, 4472 and R761 at Seymour (Vic), August 1989

(SM 89-6052) While in Adelaide 4472 operated a number of trains for locals. It is pictured next to former SAR pacific No. 621

(SM 89-6620) 4472 going onto the triple gauge turntable after having been coaled at Peterborough roundhouse

(SM 89-8031) 4472 at Bolivar (SA) working a special train for locals